The perfect solution to enhance to any outdoor event is an LED video screen. And by using one of Blue Sky Productions LED video trucks, you can accomplish this quickly and affordable.

In as little as 30 minutes, we can pull one of our LED trucks into place and have the screen up and running and ready for display.

BLUE SKY 1 offers a 16’ wide by 9’ tall 6mm LED display. The screen can raise up to 13’ off the ground and rotate 180 degrees.

BLUE SKY 2 offers a 14’ wide by 8.5’ tall 8mm LED display. This screen can raise up to 12’off the ground

Each truck has a footprint that is 35’ long by 8.5’ wide and both have onboard super quite diesel generators for stand-alone power. Both trucks also carry a pair of onboard speakers, DVD/Blu-ray players and speakers. Full video production is also available onboard with advance planning.

Blue Sky Productions is a video production and LED company based out of Owasso, Oklahoma. Owners Jeff and Angie Bowen bring more than 60 years of combined LED, television, marketing and video production to their clients.

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